Angela Druckman

Having served as a Product Owner, ScrumMaster and team member, Angela Druckman has seen first-hand how agile practices and Scrum in particular can lead organizations to project success. As one of CollabNet’s Certified Scrum Trainers and a member of its ScrumCORE™ team, she helps organizations harness the Scrum framework’s potential, conducting dozens of public training courses each year as well as providing on-site, private coaching. Working closely with customers in such diverse fields as semiconductors, financial services, media and consulting services with projects that have ranged from small contract jobs to multi-year, multi-million dollar initiatives, she has repeatedly helped teams surface and resolve organizational dysfunction through Scrum.

Prior to joining CollabNet, Angela served as a senior project manager at Vertex Business Services in Seattle. While at Vertex, she not only coached client project managers and development staff on the implementation of agile software development practices, but also justified the framework’s business value to internal senior management. This resulted in the development of a two-day course, “Introducing Agile Practices through Scrum,” which was employed for both client training and internal orientation.

Druckman’s previous experience also includes working as a program manager with B-Line, LLC, where she developed custom solutions for the nation’s largest purchaser of bankruptcy receivables. These projects included complex pricing and risk analysis software, profit/loss trend analysis, and automation of the daily banking process.

A graduate of the University of Washington, Druckman studied computing and software systems. Currently, she lives in Seattle with her husband, Ralph, and their four children. When not training or coaching scrum she can usually be found watching or playing rugby. For more on Angela’s thoughts about Scrum, visit her blog at:

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